"Jodie has been the source of inspiration for my personal well-being. She is a compassionate human being who embrace balanced life style wholeheartedly , and she is never hesitated to share what she learnt through the years to positively influence people around her, I was fortunately enough to have Jodie being my personal guide on a recent grocery shopping trip, and it has been an actual start for me to embrace a new type of life style through simply making better decisions. She is the type of mentor who will carefully asked about your daily pattern of food consumption as a friend, and prepare you with a highly personal list of recommendations to improve your personal eating habit - all with passion, dedication and thoughtful consideration to help you. The advice I received from her are so valuable that I started to think more about my relationship with food and the environment, and I learnt to embrace and appreciate vegan culture and greener lifestyle in a more serious way, and became more committed to making better and wiser decision to be a healthier individual.Jodie's advice has allowed me to truly take responsibility for my diet in a holistic and rewarding way,and I believe you will agree with me too."

Andy Liu- User Experience Designer


"Jodie's help and advice has been essential in getting me on the path to healing. I began consulting with her when I developed a mysterious and painful rash all over my arm, hands, neck and face. My doctor (gp) was unable to give me any clue as to what is was, and he just prescribed me some cortisone cream which did not help. When I went to Jodie seeking advice she immediately supplied me with all the knowledge & resources I needed to get healthy. Through working with her extended network of healers, I learned that I am allergic to caffeine and dairy which I loved to consume. It was hard for me to imagine phasing out these two addictions, but with Jodie's help I have found a range of delicious and healthy alternatives, that I would have never thought of or known about. Jodie's vast range of knowledge is invaluable while her passion for health and nutrition is contagious. This was evident when she had me taste test a few dishes she created for a food a health bog she writes for. Most memorable is her pad-thai dish that she makes with raw zucchini noodles and toasted coconut chips- it's absolutely delicious. Upon eating her healthy recipes I immediately wanted to hire her to cook for my family and inspire them to get healthy as well" 

Katie- Professional photographer.



"Jodie has been a huge inspiration to me. Not only is she knowledgeable about health and green living but she has a real passion for healing and helping people find a better way in life.  She is all heart.  I feel very blessed to know her and to have had her guidance.  She has been through so much herself in life and come out a shining example to follow.  I believe in her 100% and would recommend anyone to use her services.  One example specifically of her help to me -   I fell very sick not too long ago and was determined not to see a Dr. or go on any antibiotics as they have only caused me trouble in the past - a quick fix yes, but a long term hassle in the end so I contacted Jodie for advise on how to heal in a Natural way.  I had a high fever and deep cough that was actually a lung infection.  She gave me some very good advise on what products to buy and I was feeling better in no time - without antibiotics!  This is only the tip of the iceberg.  She has taught me much already about healthy living.  I look forward to learning more from her and extending my knowledge on how to live a green and happy life!  I can only say good things about this woman! She is Genuine. She is Amazing.  She is a Star!" 

Mellinda-Mae xo - Jewelry designer (Bones & Stones)


"Jodie has been a constant source of inspiration. Her journey has taken her on many interesting and challenging turns and as long as I have known her, she has always come out on top with open arms and an open heart. Her passion for health and wellness is truly contagious and it shines through every fiber in her body. She genuinely cares about people and wishes for everyone to feel the very best that they can! One day when I was feeling conflicted, doubtful and uninspired, Jodie recommended that I try Quantum Biofeedback - a treatment I wasn't yet familiar with. After hearing about her own positive results from it, I thought I would try it out and after the first session, I immediately felt happier, healthier and more grounded. Jodie is a wealth of knowledge and I look forward to learning more from her and co-creating a healthier, happier and greener community where we can all learn together!"

Mel King - Fine Artist/Interaction Designer



"I believe that Jodie's coaching is essential to my healing process. She keeps me focused and on track. She is well educated and teaches me so many valuable things about my health . She is extremely supportive and compassionate. Since working with Jodie, I have noticed that the my overall health is getting better and I can see many positive changes, even the color of my eyes have even gotten brighter. I look forward to continue healing with Jodie."

Sarah La Greca- fashion stylist /art director/Owner at Strathcona Smoke/Owner at Gypsy market