My program is a synthesis of 12 years of apprenticeship and practice with some of the best most advanced minds in alternative health, local and abroad. Surveying the broad range of alternative health practices, I began to see many common threads. I have sought to bring together the fundamental wisdom I have found through each teacher I have learned from.  It is my belief that preventing illness begins with maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle. Decreasing inflammation and maintaining an alkaline body chemistry are two of the most valuable practices to combat the effects of environmental toxins .Gently detoxifying the system with minor diet and lifestyle adjustments can make all the difference to one’s quality of life. I Also offer many tips on how you can detoxify your home environment. I recommend everyone do as much as they can according to their own personal comfort and budget. 


"My wish is for people to be vibrantly healthy and happy. My goal is to make being healthy, simple, cool, and fun"


#1 - GO GREEN SESSION   (aprox 2 hours & 15 min)

First, we will have a preliminary email or call to find out your personal goals and to find out a bit more about you. Then we will meet at a health food store of your choice. The session will begin with a one hour discussion, where you will receive my green lifestyle program, a shopping list, and some important articles. After discussing the program we will grab a shopping cart, and shop for food and home and beauty products together. While shopping, we will discuss what you would normally buy and I can suggest the healthier/greener alternatives. I will teach you all about the amazing and delicious health food products that are available. The shopping portion usually takes about an hour. Shopping and learning at the same time is fun.. --- 100$ ---


#2 - GO GREEN MINI SESSION   (1 1/2 hours)

I also offer the “Go Green” service without the shopping part. We start with a preliminary email or call to assess your concerns and goals. Then we will meet to review my health program and discuss your questions and concerns. --- 60$ ---

**** FOR LONG DISTANCE/OUT OF TOWN CLIENTS ****  We can do service #2 via Skype or phone for the same price. --- 60$ ---



I visit your home and help you detoxify your environment. This includes identifying all the toxic/unhealthy food in your kitchen and assessing your cleaning and beauty products.

--- 50$ an hour, and I can gladly negotiate the time and price depending on the size of your home ---

--- This service can be done alone, or be combined with service #1 (dicounted to 70$) or  #2 (discounted to 45$)   



*** All my services can be negotiated and tailored to your needs *** *** I can accept cash, check, and paypal ( ***

*** note*** I am not a doctor , and do not claim to heal or treat and illness or disease,  I offer a teaching / learning and information based service based on my personal beliefs and experience.